English 2nd paper solution (Ka set),HSC-2018!

English 2nd Paper

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a)an b) X c) a d) a e) the f) the g) a h) a i) X j) X


a)to b)for c)from d)by e)along f)in g)to h)with i) j)of

3.Suitable words/Phrases

a)would rather
b)as soon as
c)as if
d)have to
e)was born
g)let alone
i)had better
j)what if

5)Correct form of verbs:

a)go b)will get c)should spend d)be given e)need
f)be trained g)be brought h)should take
i)is closed j)should be

6.Change the senteces:

a)A bee is busier than most other insects.
b)We know it as industrious creature.
c)It flies from flower to flower to collect honey.
d)Honey is stored by it in the hive.
e)Though in winter it remains idle,it works hard in spring.


a)wide b)whole c)various d)numerious e)Television
f)also g)highly h)run i)various j)an


Uniqe — common
mihjtly — weak
humanity — rationality
reliable — unreliable
valuable — worthless
loneliness — sadness
worthless — useless
aliment — diseas
ritual — method
happiness — enjoyment

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