HSC-18 English 1st paper Question & Solution (KA set)!

Ka Set


[according to the syllabus]

First paper. Sub Code-107


See Kha set of HSC-18 English first paper……..

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1/A Choose Correct answer from alternatives….
(a) i. praise
(b) ii. ignored
(c) iii. ugliness
(d) iii. wather
(e) iv. when we are told to define truth

4.Fill in the blanks with clue………..
(a)habitats (b)extinction
(c)cut (d)recklessly
(e)severly (f)rising
(g)warming (h)anticipated
(i)catastrophe (j)imperative

5.Fill in the blanks without clue………..
(a)oppose (b)as
(c)core (d)sufferings
(e)birth (f)
(g)descrimination (h)at all
(i)give/offer (j)all

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